Lockdown Sermons

Click on the title/preacher below to listen to sermons created for the virtual services since the church building was closed for the COVID-19 lockdown

1 Mothering Sunday: Rev'd David Fayle

2 Passion Sunday: Rev'd Peter Budgell

3 Palm Sunday: Rev'd Jon Rose

4 Maundy Thursday: Ven. John Rawlings

5 Good Friday: Rev'd Peter Budgell

6 Easter Day: Ven. Trevor Jones

7 Easter 2: Rev'd Peter Budgell

8 Easter 3: Canon Mike Williams

9 Easter 4: Canon David Scrace

10 VE Day: Rev'd David Caporn

11 Easter 5: Rev'd Jon Rose

12. Easter 6 - Sea Sunday: Rev'd Peter Budgell

13. Ascension Day: Ven. Trevor Jones

14. Easter 7: Rev'd Annita Denny