Vacancy Update

A number of people have been enquiring about the process of how clergy are appointed to churches in the Sid Valley. This may be a little different to vacancy processes in other churches that people may have been part of due to the existence of a Team Ministry. In the Sid Valley the clergy who have responsibility for our churches are appointed by the Sid Valley Patronage Board, which includes representatives of the diocese, our patrons (CPAS and the Cathedral), representatives of each PCC and existing incumbent status clergy. In recent months a small group representing the different churches has been working on the paperwork that needs to be prepared to describe the roles, churches and the Sid Valley as a whole. Due to the opportunities that two vacancies provides the group have also had discussions about the shape of the Mission Community and it has been agreed that the one post will have primary responsibility for St Giles and St Nicholas, Sidmouth and the second post primary responsibility for St Giles’ Sidbury, St Peter’s Sidford and St Francis’ Woolbrook. As you will be aware the ecclesiastical office of Rector is also currently vacant and will be filled by one of the incumbent status clergy who have responsibility for one or more churches in the Valley. The role of Rector is of equal status to the other incumbent status posts and is appointed by the Sid Valley Patronage Board but has certain legal responsibilities across the Team Ministry.